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eScan OEM Products


MicroWorld has a range of OEM and customized Information Security solutions for companies interested in licensing our cutting edge technologies. Our technologies can be seamlessly integrated or they can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs.

We have 3 types of OEM opportunities available with us for companies interested in becoming our OEM partners: Re-Branding, Co-Branding and Bundling. Some of our OEM partners include leading Hardware Manufacturers, Software Developers, UTM Vendors, Networking Vendors, Email Gateway and Proxy Server Manufacturers, Distributors and ISPs.

Our Information Security technologies that include Parental Control, Endpoint Security and Content Security, cover a wide range of threats.


eScan Parental Control

Based on the novel MWL and DIRC technology unique Parental Control software provides total Content Security to its users by blocking acess to websites which are offensive in nature and which may host malwares.

With different profile options such as the "Walled Garden", "Teenager", "Adolescent" and “Adult" covering age groups from 5 to 18 and above, users can customize web access options according to the situations confronted. With different profiles, you can block access to the internet except those in the Whitelist.

eScan Parental Control provides unmatched Content Security with the help of its unique technology. It helps users to keep a tab on which sites were visited by their kids along with the date and time.

eScan Parental Control includes features such as real time content scanning, password protection and time restrictions for internet usage. With time restrictions, parents can restrict their children from accessing adult websites and downloading any suspicious content which may contain malwares and even keep a tab on the time/date at which certain sites were accessed.


eScan Security for Windows

With this comprehensive security Package, multi faceted internet and security threats can be combated. eScan security for Windows provides both content Security as well as Endpoint Security through its robust features like Parental Control, USB Control and Application Control. With Application Control, users can control access to certain applications or to specific processes, files enabling users to restrict certain applications deemed to be suspicious or harmful. eScan provides unmatched Endpoint and Content Security for Windows preventing security breaches.

With eScan businesses can provide a high value software to its customers and can increase their business by leveraging the award winning eScan brand.


eScan USB Control

The eScan USB Control includes features such as Password controlled USB access and option for disabling of the USB Autorun, which are inherent in Windows XP and lower operating systems. This option prevents data and other malware infections through the USB devices. The USB Control prevents data theft by preventing confidential data from being extracted or stolen from endpoints. The control includes features that prevent malwares from infecting your endpoints.

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