eScan ... 100% effective against zero-day malware attacks

Issued by: eScan

[Johannesburg, 17 April 2014]

eScan, one of the leading anti-virus and content security solution providers, has bagged the AV-Test certification for its home user product, eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security, for the tests conducted in January and February 2014.

The AV-Test certification acknowledges supportive and effective antivirus products that offer performance which adds to setting up existing standards in the field of IT security and technology. eScan's range of security solutions have been standing out due to the rapid and continuous improvements in the level of protection offered by the product for many years.

eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security surpassed the three test categories of AV-Test: Protection, Repair and Usability with excellent scores in the recent tests conducted during January and February 2014.

According to the test results, eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security ensures 100% security of PCs against zero-day malware attacks, Web and e-mail threats, downloading/installing the rouge software and surfing malware infected Web sites. The test result also described eScan as the most user- friendly, cost effective antivirus with efficient web protection, parental and application control features.

Mr Mornay Viljoen, eScan South Africa said, "We, at eScan, always strive to provide our users with the highest security standards against increasing cyber threats. We are proud to achieve the AV-Test certification for the latest version of eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security. It has really boosted our confidence."

Talking about eScan's achievement, Mr Andreas Marx, CEO, AV-Test, said: "During January and February 2014, we continuously evaluated 25 home user security products using their default settings. We focused on realistic test scenarios and challenged the products against real-world threats. eScan demonstrated its capabilities using all components and protection layers perfectly, thus proving its efficiency of providing 100% protection against zero-day malware attacks, inclusive of Web and e-mail threats."

IT users can try the secured computing environment provided by the award winning eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security from here.