eScan unveils range of advanced products ...

Takes a big step in the enterprise security market…

Issued by: eScan

[Johannesburg, 11 July 2014]

eScan, one of the leading anti-virus and content security solution providers, has introduced three new lines of corporate products, all of which have cloud integration and support for hybrid networks – eScan Corporate 360, new eScan Corporate Edition (with hybrid network support) and eScan

Endpoint Security (with hybrid network support).

The launch of this new range of advanced products is a significant milestone of the brand's ongoing growth in the enterprise security market. With information technology being the backbone of any business, IT security is considered a key part of business strategy by organisations. With the increasing threats in the cyber security landscape, protection of valuable intellectual property and business data against theft/misuse, without interrupting business continuity, is a critical issue. Moreover, eliminating these threats is a challenge.

The newly launched eScan range of security solutions for businesses strengthens the cyber security capabilities of the large networks by providing them multi-layered protection against complex threats and helps secure critical business information effectively, without constraining business growth. They are an excellent combination of advanced and futuristic technologies that provides protection to Windows as well as Macintosh, Linux and smartphone end-points in the network.

The newly launched eScan solutions now come with a mobile device management (MDM) module, which is specifically designed with an aim to facilitate administrators to remotely deploy, secure, and manage all Android-based devices in the network. Moreover, role-based administration through eScan Management Console, enables the administrator to share the configuration and monitoring responsibilities of the organisation among several administrators, thus ensuring that the network is protected effectively.

Enterprises which have the necessity for only end-point protection, that includes data leak prevention and asset management, but without anti virus, can now use eScan Endpoint Security for Windows. The Endpoint security product, targeted towards SMB and enterprises, provides all the exciting features present in eScan Corporate 360, but does not have an integrated anti-virus functionality. So customers, who have standardized on any third-party anti virus, can deploy the Endpoint product, and effectively get all the exciting features provided by eScan.

On the occasion of launch, Mr Mornay Viljoen, at eScan South Africa said: "We are very excited about the launch of these three new corporate products. Cyber crime is one of the reasons businesses face heavy loss – not just in terms of finance but also in terms of reputation as well as business continuity. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, cyber attacks have grown by more than 300% since 2005, and the total jumped by a third from 2012 to 2013, while in 2014 too, they will continue to grow. This has thrust the need of digital theft protection by businesses across the globe. The newly launched eScan corporate product line not only ensures multi-layered protection from evolving threats that are targeted and sophisticated in nature, but also protects the confidentiality and integrity of the data in your network, as well as helps manage its availability. These products will redefine a whole new level of endpoint and corporate protection in terms of speed, security, simplicity and value."

Customers can try the seamless multi-layered protection provided by eScan from the links below:

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New eScan Corporate Edition (with Hybrid Network Support) -

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