Android Malware steals millions of Google accounts


A malware named Gooligan targets Android 4.0 and 5.0 devices, which denotes nearly 74% of mobile devices using the Google-powered operating system.

These attacks mainly steal emails and other authentication data in the devices to access crucial data from Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs and other apps and services. This theft is very alarming since it has stolen more than a million Google accounts and signals the next level of cyber-attacks.

It is very clear that there is a shift in the target of the hackers, who are now concentrating more on mobile devices to access the sensitive information.

After extensive research, it has been seen that Gooligan’s code is a new variant appeared in August 2016, affecting more than 13,000 devices daily. Around 57% of those devices are from Asia whereas 9% are from Europe. All these happened when a Gooligan-infected app is downloaded and installed on a vulnerable Android device. Alternatively, clicks on malicious links can also bring such infection to Android devices.

The cyber criminals take control of the devices, generate revenue by fraudulent installation of apps from Google Play Store, and rate them on behalf of the victim. The tech giants of Google and other IT security personals are yet to decide on the necessary steps to protect the users from being victims.

If you are infected, eScan recommends you to run a clean installation on your Android device, known as ‘Flashing’. It is recommended to power off your device and approach a certified technician or your service provider to re-flash your device.